Rhema Christian Assembly is looking for a Praise and Worship Leader for a congregation of less than 100 people. The following job description is for a part-time ministry position.

The primary purpose of this position is to provide leadership, both spiritual and practical, for the leading of this congregation into true worship. This position will require first and foremost a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and a calling to serve His church in ministry. You will be required to lead a life that exemplifies the Lordship of Jesus Christ in your walk and in your witness both at and away from the Church fellowship. You will be accountable to the Pastor in performance of the following duties:

  • Work with the Pastor in planning worship each Sunday.
  • Work with the Praise and Worship Team in the development of their gifts and talents.
  • Train and practice with the Praise and Worship Team, at a time to be determined, in preparation for Sunday’s service.
  • Coordinate with the audio and video team in preparation for Sunday’s service.
  • Recruit and train new Praise and Worship leadership.
  • The minimum number of hours per week will be 8 hours, primarily Sunday, Wednesday, or Saturday.

If you are interested in being the Praise and Worship Leader at Rhema Christian Assembly, please fill out the following application:

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Rhema Christian Assembly

Rhema Christian Assembly is an interdenominational Christian Church born out of a vision of reaching into this world with the good news of Jesus Christ and equipping believers with the tools necessary to live victoriously in Him. Our purpose is to bring people to Jesus Christ and to membership in His family; to help them develop into His fully devoted followers; to equip them for their mission and ministry as His disciples, and to lead them to magnify His name in worship.